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"Your material is great! Podcasts are short but informative. I have urged a group of friends to give it a try. We all need to improve on our faith.

Jim F./Dallas, Texas

Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy reaches out to thousands of Catholics every single day. He's on a mission to "restore all things in Christ" (Ephesians 1:10) in the Catholic Church in America. Joe works to re-catechize the laity by getting catechetical bulletin inserts into parishes, host weekly webinars in the Sharing the Catholic Faith series, and hosting this podcast.

There are plans in the works to build an area on this site where members can take video courses. All of what Joe does is for the benefit of souls and nothing more.

He's building an army. What's become known as the Sixpack Warriors is being built through all the venues mentioned above. The intent is to build an active army so strong and armed with the irresistible force of truth that our hierarchy will have no choice but to begin shepherding the lay faithful with the care and orthodoxy we deserve. But all this costs money. Please help Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy in his mission. Share in the actual graces God gives through this apostolate by using the button below to set up a monthly or one time gift.

God bless you!

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