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The Husbands’ Survival Guide: Part IV

It’s For the Children

Whenever politicians and their parties want to pass new legislation that our reason warns us is bad legislation, they always repeat the mantra that “it’s for the children”. Quoting Ronald Reagan, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.” Nothing from government—federal, state or local—that applies to family and/or children is ever good. That’s because we’ve driven God out of our society with a misinterpretation and misapplication of the first amendment to the Constitution.

A Danger to Families

At no time is government more dangerous to families than when it passes legislation designed to abrogate parental control and authority. Hillary Clinton infamously told us that it takes a village to rear a child. Baloney! What it takes to rear a child is committed and loving parents… especially fathers. And although children aren’t born with an instruction manual in their little hands, we still have an inerrant instruction manual at our disposal, but the vast majority of parents are too lazy to use it. Of course, I’m talking about the Bible.

An Added Advantage

Actually, even though Protestants have the Bible we have, we have an added advantage Protestants lack. We have an infallible Church to explain the Bible to us on how to rear children. I’m not kidding about the Bible being an instruction manual on child rearing, as we’ll soon see.

Let’s begin this by looking at a few problems with modern children and their parents. I’d like to first make it emphatically clear that any chronic behavior from a child that is less than acceptable is not that child’s “fault”. A child will only behave in a way that is deemed acceptable by the parents, but the unfortunate reality is that a majority of modern parents have abrogated their parental responsibilities. They want schools—both parochial and government—to not only educate their kids (despite that parents are the first teachers, according to the Church), but they also want the school to teach them right from wrong and how to live in society.


Mom and dad want to be buddies instead of parents. We see this all the time. It’s natural for every parent to want what they perceive as a better life than the one they had, but there’s one major difference between the current generation of parents from previous generations. Life in the Occidental world has been so materialistically good in the 21st century that the vast majority of today’s parents were turned into spoiled, materialistic brats by their parents, and people who have no earthly idea what self-sacrifice, pain and suffering (remember “no pain-no gain”?), the common good, planning and saving for the future are all about. Consequently, many modern parents pretty much let their children rear themselves or be reared by others—a recipe for disaster.

Generational Differences

The generation that reared my generation had lived through at least a significant part of the Great Depression and World War II, so they understood what it meant to do without and serve the common good. They weren’t a “Me” generation. They were a “We” generation. But like every other generation, they wanted better for their children than they had themselves. So with the medical/technological/lifestyle advancements brought on by World War II, my generation ended up spoiled and tending toward selfishness. That’s why we had the social upheaval of the tumultuous ‘60s. But many of the the values our parents tried to instill in us while they spoiled us eventually kicked in as we matured. So while Baby-Boomers started out in life pretty rough, we actually ended up as a fairly good generation… except in parenting.

Passing On Morals

I’m a great grandfather. The generation we Baby-Boomers reared is known by most sociologists as Generation-X. We reared our children just as the Greatest Generation reared us, minus attempting to pass on our values and a firm belief in God. We more-or-less reared our children to be honest and obey the law, but we didn’t really pass on anything else in the way of morals—because we didn’t have any to pass on. The advent of the internet and social media gave us an entire generation that has never known anything else, and those technologies are mostly used for evil, so we reared Generation-X almost completely devoid of any sort of moral absolutes. Indeed, modern young people think nothing of cohabitation when most in my generation would’ve been mortified at such a thought. And high school girls in my day were spoken of in whispers if they were found in a “family way”, but many high schools today have daycare centers.

Accepting What Is Wrong

My grandchildren’s generation has been reared, then, to accept as normal every sort of political correctness, evil and perversion. That’s why we see our society about to implode. God only knows how my great grandchildren will be reared!

Parents Not Being Parents

One way we see my great grandchildren’s generation being reared is not to be reared at all. We see evidence of that every Sunday at Mass. Children old enough to be taught about the Mass and what they’re supposed to do are instead allowed to distract everybody else so they can’t participate well, or parents occupy their children with an endless supply of finger-foods and games or toys. The parents are not being parents.

Judicial Discipline

As an experienced parent who has a few lived experiences in life under his belt, I can tell you these children will grow into their adolescence as demanding, disrespectful, disobedient mental midgets who can’t even pass a basic American history trivia test, let alone the basics of our faith. You know it’s true, because we see them in the papers and on TV all the time. They’re called Antifa militants or gang members. I don’t blame these kids. I blame their parents, who would rather be buddies than parents. NOTA BENE: You can be a parent now and discipline your children as God intended, or you may rest assured a criminal court judge will do it for you later. Believe me, your kids’ ire for you disciplining them now beats the living daylights out of what a judge will give them in the way of discipline all day long. You don’t know what pain is until you’ve seen your child led away in handcuffs and leg irons. Been there, done that, got the teeshirt.

Where We’re Going Next

Next week we’ll begin to examine what God expects of us, beginning with husbands. You’ll probably want to sit down with your Bible… assuming you’re a parent or grandparent who cares. We’ll be back and forth in both Testaments. This is where the rubber begins to meet the road in The Husbands’ Survival Guide.

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