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The Final Report of the Amazon Synod and the “conversion” of the Church

The Apostasy Is Official

Catholicism has been in South America for 500 years.  Having apparently failed to convert and serve the “indigenous peoples” of the Amazon, who reside in nine of the continent’s thirteen countries, the Catholic Church has now proclaimed in the Final Report of the Amazon Synod that it will undertake its own “conversion” to the cultures, religions, lands, and traditions of those peoples.

You can read the whole story at Catholic World Report.

About the author, Joe Sixpack The Every Catholic Guy

I'm Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy, and I'm your go-to guy for all things Catholic! I'm a convert of thirty years, and the Holy Spirit has used me to make hundreds of converts in one-on-one and small group venues. I'm also a consecrated member of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, under the direction of Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. I hope we can be friends!

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