The Best of What We Believe… Why We Believe It—Volume Two


This second volume of The Best of What We Believe… Why We Believe It features the very best of Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy‘s popular weekly Sunday bulletin inserts. Subscribing pastors have said their parishioners like these inserts so much that they save and collect each one for reference. That isn’t necessary anymore!

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Joe Sixpack is Endorsed By a Cardinal, Bishops, and Priests!

Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy is quickly becoming the “light of the laity” throughout the United States, and this book will make it very obvious why this is so. Armed with divinely revealed truth, he is helping lay people navigate the tumultuous waters of a Church in turmoil. See what prelates and priests are saying!

A gravely defective catechesis which marked the life of the Church in the years following the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, though not because of the Council , contributed to the loss of faith, the lack of a devotional life and left the subsequent generations devoid of a concrete way to know the Catholic faith and live it.

The pontificate of Pope Saint John Paul II may be rightly described as a tireless call to recognize the Church’s challenge to be faithful to her divinely-given mission in  a totally  secularized society and to respond to the challenge by means of a new evangelization. A new evangelization consists in teaching the faith through preaching, catechesis and all  forms  of  Catholic education, celebrating the faith in the Sacraments and in their extension by means of prayer and devotion, and living the faith by the practice of the virtues—all as if for the first time, that is, with the engagement and energy of the first disciples and of the first missionaries to our native place.

A new aid to assist the faithful in knowing and living the faith has been developed by “Joe Sixpack” with the weekly bulletin insert What We Believe … Why We Believe It.  Each issue of the insert is  a  thumbnail lesson  in  the  Catholic  faith  that  is  attractive  to  parishioners,  easy  to understand, and faithful in every way to the  Magisterium.

Joe Sixpack is a well-trained and faithful consecrated Marian Catechist. As the International Director of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, I enthusiastically endorse Joe Sixpack’s What We Believe … Why We Believe It as an innovative means of helping parish priests promote the doctrinal and moral literacy of their parishioners.

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

I encourage you in your mission and thank you for your labors for the Lord!

Archbishop Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Philadelphia

May God bless you and your outreach!

Bishop Michael Sis, Diocese of San Angelo

Although the light of wisdom usually comes to the world “from the top down,” sometimes it works the other way around.  What We Believe…Why We Believe It is a splendid example of grassroots evangelization.  Like spiritual wheat its message grows from the good soil of fearless common sense informed by grace. 

Abbot Philip Anderson, Clear Creek Monastery

I wholeheartedly recommend the new weekly parish bulletin insert “What We Believe…Why We Believe It”‘ written by my friend, Joe Sixpack…

“Joe Sixpack” is a veteran catechist with a God-given gift for explaining the truths of the Faith in terms that are clear, unambiguous, doctrinally correct and firmly rooted in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and Magisterial teaching. The name “Joe Sixpack” accentuates his remarkable ability to make the teaching of the Church easily understandable for the average guy and gal. His gift for story-telling and the use of concrete examples will help to provide his subscribers with both engaging and thought­ provoking  reading  each Sunday.

Pastors who wish to find new catechetical tools to help their parishioners develop a greater understanding and a deeper appreciation for the timeless truths of our Catholic faith will find “What We Believe and Why We Believe It” a valuable resource for instruction and a great little addition to their weekly bulletins.

Rev. William P. Casey, Fathers of Mercy and EWTN Personality


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