Secrets of the Catholic Faith


Secrets of the Catholic Faith is great for RCIA classes, use in evangelization, a cursory study of apologetics, and as a personal reference for learning more about the Catholic Church’s 2,000 year constant teachings.


Secrets of the Catholic Faith Has Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Catholicism But Were Afraid To Ask!

Secrets of the Catholic Faith is the product of Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy‘s dynamic thirty-year career as a lay evangelist. He has been used by the Holy Spirit to make hundreds of converts in one-on-one and small group venues, and eighty-four of those converts are his adult godchildren.

What is the secret to his success? In a word, truth of the unvarnished variety. See what Joe Sixpack says in addressing this issue in Secrets of the Catholic Faith:

There isn’t one single teaching of the Catholic Church that can’t be adequately demonstrated to any inquiring mind. Everything can be demonstrated. The Church can explain the Immaculate Conception and purgatory, why homosexuality, abortion, and contraception are wrong, and prove the reality of the Holy Eucharist. The Church can tell us how we can know God exists, that Scripture is the inspired word of God, that Jesus established the Catholic Church and passed on to it His authority and mission. But the Catholic laity aren’t being taught these things. They’re being fed pablum when they need and want meat.

Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy is always exciting, never boring, and completely politically incorrect. He never shies away from the so-called untouchable moral issues. With his use of humor and directness, readers and students can never get enough of what he teaches.


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