evil bishop

Collectively Our Bishops and the USCCB Are a Criminal Empire.

Bishops can be divided into three categories: bad bishop, good bishops, and mediocre bishops.

Bad bishops are men like Blaise Cardinal Cupich, Joseph Cardinal "nighty night, baby" Tobin, and Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski, which are the majority in the USCCB. Good bishops include... Wait. There are no good bishops anymore. The only bishops we have are, at best, mediocre bishops. Even those most Catholics consider good bishops today are merely mediocre. Why? If they were good bishops they'd be attacked and canceled by the Left every moment of every day. The reason is because a good bishop would actually catechize his people, ban pro-abortion politicians from receiving Communion, denounce the entire Democratic Party platform, and call a sin a sin when it comes to LGBT, transgenderism, and artificial contraception. A few of our bishops may do one or two of these things, but none do them all. Like I said, mediocre.

Our nation's bishops are motivated by one thing and one thing alone. HINT: It ain't your salvation! The only thing that motivates them is your money. Period. They don't want your money to advance the cause of Christ, the only thing they're consecrated as a bishop to do. They want your money to finance their criminal empires and advance their lavish lifestyles. The only Catholics who don't realize that are either fellow heretics and sexual deviants or theologically thick people. Well, it's time we took our Catholic Church back from these evil man, and the best way (beyond prayer) is to hit them where it hurts: in the pocketbook.


Until our bishops begin to do as they ought, we shouldn't give them a dime. So I invite you to download Catholic Bogus Bucks!

Catholic Bogus Bucks are intended to send a clear message to these criminal Mafia-like bishops. They're great for wayward parish priests as well. Best of all, they're free to anyone who wants them.

Try them out. This Sunday at collection time, assuming you're not happy with your parish priest (you know, the criminals who just haven't made it to bishop yet), drop a Catholic Bogus Buck in the collection basket rather than your hard earned money. Message received! And the next time your bishop sends you an envelope he's demanding that you fill with your hard earned money to finance his criminal activity, fill it with Catholic Bogus Bucks instead.

Catholic Bogus Bucks are easy to use. All you have to do is download the Bucks and print all of them you want. They're free!