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Episode 206

For the last few months, Michael Voris and I have been singing off the same page incessantly about knowing and sharing the faith.

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The Sacred Heart Wins! with Bishop Joseph Strickland 

  1. Peter asks, “A Jesuit priest (Fr. John Whitney) residing in San Francisco, wrote an article for America Magazine. He accused Archbishop Cordileone of ‘abusing the sacrament’ by withholding it ‘without process or appeal.’ He refrains from using the name, but despite the slyness, we know he meant Pelosi. Should the bishop accept this public rebuke, or discipline the priest for clouding a clear issue and contributing (like Pelosi) to scandal and confusion?”
  2. David asks, “Instead of spending millions of dollars on Eucharistic revival, why isn’t the weekly pulpit used for this purpose. I mean, you’ve got a captive audience. Spending money on Congress’s solution. Sometimes I fear too many of our Bishops have become politicians.”
  3. Mary asks, “Is it true that a bishop can force a priest from using Latin in the Novus Ordo?”
  4. Deborah asks, “What do you know about Luisa Piccaretta and Living in the DIVINE WILL?”

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This week Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy’s Catholic Bootcamp is titled Heaven Kisses the Earth.

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This week’s quote is from St. John Paul II.

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This episode features a story about a national football player drafted into service during WWII.

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I'm Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy, and I'm your go-to guy for all things Catholic! I'm a convert of thirty years, and the Holy Spirit has used me to make hundreds of converts in one-on-one and small group venues. I'm also a consecrated member of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, under the direction of Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. I hope we can be friends!


  1. Jack Meyer on 12/07/2022 at 11:51 AM

    Dear Bp. Strickland:

    I mentioned to my pastor, whom I am thankful for offering reverent Masses and allowing me to receive on my knees and on the tongue, that the retired priest who hears confessions on Saturdays and offers noon Masses during the week, often doesn’t show up on the important days (First Saturdays, Holy Days of Obligation, etc.). I find it very frustrating that I cannot meet the requirements of five First Saturdays in a row, and I had no one to offer Mass on All Saints Day this year even though I was in church praying an hour before Mass was to begin. If a cannot go to Confession on a First Friday, I cannot receive Holy Communion either; now I have to start over.

    My priest told me to receive Communion without Confessing my mortal sin(s) (because the priest didn’t show up) and go to Confession as soon as I can (presumably next week). This stunned me and I balked at the concept of receiving Our Lord in the state of mortal sin. My pastor insisted that it was a good pious practice to abstain from Communion without Confession, but it was not actually necessary.

    How would you respond to my dilemma?

    P.S. I am not in your geographical diocese, but I consider to be one of my spiritual bishops non-the-less. Thank you for your faithfulness and courage.


    • Joe Sixpack The Every Catholic Guy on 12/07/2022 at 1:24 PM


      I’ll get this question on His Excellency’s list right away. It’s a very good question, and we may even make it the only question one week. I think this will make for a good discussion.

      • Jack Meyer on 12/09/2022 at 7:45 PM

        Thank You Joe:

        One more, please. On the subject of prayer and good works while in the state of mortal sin, I have heard from one trusted source that after a good Confession, all of the prayers and good works performed while in the state of mortal sin would then be accepted by God as they would have been in the state of Grace. I have also heard from different trusted source that while the benefactor of a good work would certainly benifit directly from my good work, I myself would not, since at the time of the good work (or prayer), I would have been cut-off from the Sanctifying Grace of God.

        I don’t want to be guilty of scrupulosity, nor presumption in this situation; I just want to know exactly where I stand in this state.

        Thank You and God Bless,


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