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The Laity Will Save the Church, Not the Bishops

The Cantankerous Catholic Episode

Episode 34:

On August 9, the USCCB published the results of a Pew Research survey that found that only 30% of Catholics believe in the Real Presence, a massive decline from 70% just a decade ago. When the USCCB published this survey on its Facebook page, they did something they’ve never done in the history of the Catholic Church in America. Tune in to find out what that is.


There are many, many books, DVDs and CDs available about the Eucharist. I’ve chosen only what I think are the best. And since I quoted Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen at the beginning of this episode, I intentionally included eight of nine audios/videos from him that have nothing to do with the Eucharist. Why? Well, give Archbishop Sheen a listen. If you’re anything like me, you’ll never be able to get enough of him. And don’t forget to sign up for this week’s free webinar.


The Nature & Existence of God

Scott Hahn Books, DVDs & CDs



Breaking the Bread: A Fresh Approach to the New Testament and The Eucharist—Scott Hahn

Consuming the Word: The New Testament and The Eucharist in the Early Church (Book)

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen CDs & DVDs

His Irish Wit and Wisdom

Good Friday Special


A Man for All Seasons

His Last Words

Faith, Hope And Love With Fulton Sheen—Vol. I-IV

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Fulton Sheen Complete Audio Library

Sheen Gems

The Eucharist: Christ Present with Us

Books, CDs & DVDs on the Eucharist

Eucharist—Bishop Robert Barron

This is My Body, This is My Blood: Miracles of the Eucharist—Bob and Penny Lord (Video)

This Is My Body, This Is My Blood: Miracles of the Eucharist—Bob and Penny Lord (Book)

Divine Love Made Flesh: The Holy Eucharist as the Sacrament of Charity—by Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

The Holy Eucharist—by St. Alphonsus Liguori 

The Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics—Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Symbol or Substance?: A Dialogue on the Eucharist with C. S. Lewis, Billy Graham and J. R. R. Tolkien—Dr. Peter Kreeft  (I’ve known Dr. Kreeft for years. He’s got 4-5 dialogue books out. They’re not only incredibly didactic, but they’re entertaining; often downright funny.)

God Is Near Us: The Eucharist, the Heart of Life—by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)

Brother Francis The Bread of Life Coloring & Activity Book (for kids)

Eucharist (Catholic Spirituality for Adults)—by Bishop Robert Barron

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist: Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper—Brant Pitre with foreword by Scott Hahn

The 7 Secrets of the Eucharist—by Vinny Flynn

A Study Guide for 7 Secrets of the Eucharist: Encountering the Heart of God—by Mary Flynn

The Eucharist: Mystery of Presence, Sacrifice, and Communion—by Lawrence Feingold

Joe Sixpack’s Stuff

The Every Catholic Guy Store This is where you can find a variety of Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy’s coffee mugs and teeshirts with quotes from saints and spiffy Catholic sayings. You might even see a quote or two from Joe Sixpack himself!

Secrets of the Catholic Faith by Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy

The Lay Evangelist’s Handbook by Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy

The Best of What We Believe… Why We Believe It—Volume One

The Best of What We Believe… Why We Believe It—Volume Two

The Best of What We Believe… Why We Believe It—Volume Three


“The greatest tragedy in the Catholic Church is the ignorance of the laity.”—Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman


What We Believe… Why We Believe It—the weekly bulletin insert to educate your parishioners!

No one disputes that today’s Catholic lacks knowledge of the faith.  That’s the reason so many are leaving the Church (6.5 people leave for every one who becomes a Catholic)—they simply don’t know the faith. But the What We Believe… Why We Believe It system can change all that. Within a year of reading What We Believe… Why We Believe It, your parishioners will know exactly what they believe… and be able to defend those beliefs.

 What We Believe… Why We Believe It works because…

  •  It’s intrusive (70% of Catholics get 100% of their information from the weekly bulletin)
  • Each issue is in engaging
  • Far from boring catechism, each issue is highly informative of orthodoxy without being “highbrow”
  • With the website and weekly webinars, your parishioners have a source where they can ask questions when you’re not available

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The Cantankerous Catholic Social Media Group

Join our group where subscribers of The Cantankerous Catholic can meet to discuss the issues talked about in episodes, get opinions from other like minded people, or simply discuss anything effecting Catholics.

Don’t like or trust Facebook? No problem!

Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy doesn’t trust Facebook either. There have been too many instances of censorship on Facebook. If you promote abortion, LGBT issues, or anything anti-patriotic, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be unmolested by Facebook. But if you promote life, decency or morality, Facebook is subject to censor your posts, take down your page, or otherwise use some underhanded method to censor you.

We’ve found an alternative to Facebook. It’s a new social media site called This is the one social media that doesn’t censor you for upholding Catholic values and morals. You’re completely free to discuss and promote anything you want, just as long as it isn’t immoral, indecent, or anti-American. has never molested us in any way, and they guarantee they won’t. The site otherwise works identically to Facebook. That is the reason Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy chose to host The Cantankerous Catholic Social Media Group there. We have the added benefit and protection of being a private group. So join the group now to meet other like minded Catholics.

Not a Catholic? We’d still love to have you join us. You’ll find that we’re a very welcoming people. (Matthew [25:35])

Catholic News Notes


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Catholic Stories

This episode features a story about King St. Louis (for whom the Midwestern city is named) and a Eucharistic miracle.

Social Media


The Cantankerous Catholic Group



About the author, Joe Sixpack The Every Catholic Guy

I'm Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy, and I'm your go-to guy for all things Catholic! I'm a convert of thirty years, and the Holy Spirit has used me to make hundreds of converts in one-on-one and small group venues. I'm also a consecrated member of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, under the direction of Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. I hope we can be friends!


  1. Paul Pavelka on 08/21/2019 at 10:14 PM

    Another great episode. Thank you for speaking the truth.

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