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Who In The World Is Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy?

Hi, I’m Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy. My real name is Addledorf Clinkerdaggar Rostefuten, so you can see why I go by Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy. I’m a convert, lay evangelist and consecrated Marian Catechist who has made hundreds of converts in one-on-one and small group venues during the last thirty years. Eighty-four of those converts are my adult godchildren.

I’m also a patriot, army veteran, political junkie and a business man. I’m launching The Cantankerous Catholic podcast for a number of reasons, but the primary reason is to help Catholics make more sense out of our society, culture and a Church in turmoil from an authentic and orthodox Catholic perspective; in other words, from the constant 2000 magisterial teachings of the Church.

Modern Catholics are genuinely confused in our modern world. The helm of the Barque of St. Peter has been vacant for a long time, and our bishops have become more businessmen than shepherds. Most priests, although not all the predators the media would have us believe, have been gun-shy for so long that they don’t teach us what is right and wrong, or give us the meat we need to figure out how to apply our faith to everyday life situations. Heck, most haven’t even really taught the fullness of the faith for the last fifty years! Well, Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy, host of The Cantankerous Catholic, will fill that void for you.

What To Expect

We’re going to discuss the really tough moral issues we’re confronted with everyday. We’ll also talk about the faith—you’ll learn things you’ve never heard before. Some of the things covered in this podcast will be…

  • Personal finances
  • Marriage & family life as God intended
  • National politics from a Catholic perspective
  • And much, much more!

If I fail to hit on the topics that most interest you, please don’t hesitate to contact me at You can suggest topics, as well as give me your feedback (I actually listen), or just ask questions about our Catholic faith. I’ll answer all your questions.

In each episode I’ll tell you a story or parable, and show you how that relates to your life. I’ll also tell you about some person or apostolate that’s really making a difference in our world, and recommend some good books and other resources to help you navigate life.

I’ll begin with two weekly episodes every Tuesday and Thursday, then gradually grow into five days a week.

REMEMBER: Comfort and Conviction don’t live on the same block!

About the author, Joe Sixpack The Every Catholic Guy

I'm Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy, and I'm your go-to guy for all things Catholic! I'm a convert of thirty years, and the Holy Spirit has used me to make hundreds of converts in one-on-one and small group venues. I'm also a consecrated member of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, under the direction of Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. I hope we can be friends!


  1. (Mrs.) Elizabeth O’Malley on 06/11/2022 at 1:08 PM

    I read you in The Wanderer and found you on-line. Like so many other Catholics, I now go to the Extraordinary Mass (of the Ages) to get fed by solid priests. But it took time to find my place. So many other Catholics don’t know where to go. God bless you. Keep up the great work of Almighty God.

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