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Reach out to Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy!

Kamala Harris and Other Hilarious Things

Since the last episode of The Cantankerous Catholic, bad Catholic Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate. Joe was already a political Titanic all on his own, but Kamala is the biggest iceberg in the ocean, assuring his descent to the bottom of the sea. I hate to disappoint those listening who have a double digit IQ, but Trump’s gonna win in a landslide in November.

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Who Finances the Violence & Insanity?

Episode 84 Okay, so the reason you tuned into this episode is so you can find out who one of the biggest financiers of these evil and destructive organizations is. I’m even going to show you some of the faces of the financial backers. If you want to see who the financial backers of Antifa…

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Catholic Things That Matter

The Church is in dire trouble. We have a socialist sitting in the Chair of Peter who promotes the worship of pagan idols and heresy, marxist bishops who’ve exposed their marxism and corruption during this very foolish and counterproductive China virus lockdown, the even greater exposure of the Pink Mafia in recent months, and how Francis is appointing men to head dioceses for the obvious purpose of further confusing the lay faithful and destroying the Church from within.

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Fr. Altman: Hold Fast to the One True Faith

If the Church has been infiltrated with such evil, why remain in it? Out of the eighty episodes I’ve done, I’ve answered that question in perhaps 15% of them. However, I’m not a priest. You need to hear it from a priest. Not the sort of priest who wants you to stay in the Church because he needs your money, but the sort of priest who is interested in saving your soul. So we’re going to hear Fr. Altman again today.

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