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Reach out to Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy!

All Eyes Are On Virginia

The Cantankerous Catholic Episode

Episode 54: All eyes are on Virginia right now. The actions of the Democrats there, who just recently took control of that state’s entire political machine, are tyrannical and despotic. The reaction of the people in response to the tyranny is about to launch America’s second civil war. I don’t mean a political civil war,…

Pain Don’t Hurt

The Cantankerous Catholic Episode

Episode 53: I recall the movie Road House starring Patrick Swayze as Dalton. In one scene after Dalton had been hurt, he was in the office of a doctor and soon to be girlfriend Kelly Doc Lynch to get stitches. Dalton had refused Novocain to deaden his skin in preparation for the needle used to…

Satan Knows Best

The Cantankerous Catholic Episode

Episode 52: This episode of The Cantankerous Catholic is being released on the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God. I originally intended to dedicate this episode to her, but she’s impressed me with the notion that she’d prefer to defer to me to explain something else to you. What I have to say to you…

The Presidency & Catholics

The Cantankerous Catholic Episode

Episode 51: I’ve never made any secret to the fact that I hold the Democratic Party and its members in absolute disdain and contempt. Everything on their platform is evil and antithetical to Catholicism. In fact, any Democrat who claims to be a Catholic is a liar and hypocrite, because you can’t support their platform…

Pope Francis: Accept or Reject His Authority

The Cantankerous Catholic Episode

Episode 50: I’m deeply concerned. I’ve been inundated with emails from people who are concerned and confused about the things going on in the Catholic Church. Catholics are now leaving the Church in droves, and the overwhelming majority of them aren’t citing the sex abuse scandal, but rather the wacky, damaging things Pope Francis is…

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