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Reach out to Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy!

A Shepherd Speaks: An Interview with Bishop Joseph Strickland

t’s been my intention for quite sometime to introduce you to good bishops across the country. We’re in negotiations with one bishop who will probably come on the show, and I’m confident my friend Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke is going to cut out time from his enormously busy schedule to be here, but so far only Bishop Joseph Strickland has had the courage to come on to The Cantankerous Catholic. This is an interview you want to hear.

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How to Be a Warrior for Christ

If you consistently persevere in the things I’m going to tell you today, your life will never be the same. Rather than experiencing fear, anxiety, and depression you’ll be able to live a lifestyle that’s always upbeat and positive, free of fear, free of worry, and always joyful, regardless of what comes your way—even if you have turmoil in your life.

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A Candid Spiritual Interview With Fr. Robert Altier

This is a very special episode of The Cantankerous Catholic. We not only have a tremendous interview with Fr. Robert Altier to help put our Catholic lives into perspective, but there’s also a very special Catholic Bootcamp segment that I strongly urge you to listen to. It will, hopefully, cause you to look deeply into your own soul—to examine just exactly where you stand with God and your chances to win heaven.

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