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The Husbands’ Survival Guide: Part IX

A Wife’s Proper Role This is the final installment of The Husbands’ Survival Guide. If you ladies have enjoyed watching your husbands squirm in previous installments, the fun is over. Many of you will not like this installment at all, and I’ve no doubt I’ll get a firestorm of emails. Quoting From Ephesians I’m going…

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The Husbands’ Survival Guide: Part VII

Getting Serious Last week I began telling men who truly love their wives and kids what we should be done in order to begin on the road to sanctity so we can can lead our families down that same road. So far we’ve talked about the need to commit ourselves to becoming saints, and the…

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The Husbands’ Survival Guide: Part IV

It’s For the Children Whenever politicians and their parties want to pass new legislation that our reason warns us is bad legislation, they always repeat the mantra that “it’s for the children”. Quoting Ronald Reagan, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.” Nothing from government—federal, state or local—that applies to…

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The Husbands’ Survival Guide: Part III

Tumultuous ‘60s Most of you Sixpackers are too young to remember the tumultuous ‘60s, but I remember them quite well. I came of age in the ‘60s. I was a long-haired, dope smokin’ hippie-type. I agreed with many of the idiotic changes being voiced then, such as legalized pot, lowering the voting and drinking age,…

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The Husbands’ Survival Guide: Part II

What We’ll Do… In last week’s installment we introduced the escalating divorce rate throughout the twentieth century, which continues to this day. I promised you we would examine the causes of that escalation, and that’s what we’ll begin doing today. Causes of Divorce As noted last week, prior to World War II the divorce rate…

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