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Paul’s Communion

First Holy Communion When Paul was seven years old, he made his First Holy Communion in New York City. From that day forward he became a very close friend of Jesus. He went to Holy Communion every day with his mother, receiving with the intention of converting his father, who had been away from the…

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Where’s the Lake A German poet tells of this incident: In freezing, wintery weather and heavy mist, a daring rider once lost his way on snow covered fields. No light was to be seen near or far, no house, no living creature. At last, after riding for hours, he came upon a small hut. Wearily…

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Horrid Nails

The Dutch Masters In the days of the Dutch masters of art, there was a noted painter who had wasted his youth in wickedness and depravity.  Coming to his senses later in life, he bitterly regretted his sins and resolved to make up for them. One of the painter’s best known works depicted the 13th…

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A True American Hero

Guadalcanal During a desperate battle on Guadalcanal in World War II, an American soldier threw himself on a Japanese grenade that landed among his mortar crew.  The soldier survived the blast, but was horribly wounded and maimed. The chaplain visited the young man in an army hospital and asked him, “Why did you take that…

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