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Attorney General asks W.V. Diocese to release all reports of Bransfield

More Trouble

In response to Bishop Brennan’s plan for his predecessor to make amends for alleged sexual assault within the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey issued the following statement:

“While today’s announcement by Bishop Brennan represents a step forward, justice will not be served until the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese releases all of its investigative reports on Bishop Bransfield, tightens its internal controls to protect children, and implements concrete measures to provide assistance to the many victims of sexual abuse and pedophilia needing medical, social, or mental health services.

It is time for the Diocese to truly come clean and begin to put this horrific scandal behind it.

The subpoena from our Office is likely the only reason we have a list of Diocese priests who are credibly accused of sexually abusing minors.

The Diocese shouldn’t need more prodding from our Office to do the right thing.”

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